SEO is Not Dead and Why Your Business Needs It

Many pundits will have you believe that SEO (search engine optimization) is dead. The main reason a lot of them figure it’s dead is becuase the strategies used as recent as a year ago are not working any more. 2013 saw Google make massive changes in their algorithm to target, what they call, “web spam”. You can’t do things like build a massive amount of automated links to your site (you can still do this for your pages on Facebook, and Twitter or videos on YouTube, but that’s a whole other blog post), repeat your keywords in your site content over and over again and build links to your site emphasizing your keyword as your anchor text. A lot of websites got slapped around by Google because of the fact that they were using these tactics. […]

Get more trust for your small business with an image of you on your website

BrightLocal just completed a survey to find out how much of a trust factor are images on a website for a local business. We’ve long been a proponent of having real images of business owners, staff and their place of business (if relevant) on their website. It’s little surprise to us that this survey shows that these images do help prospective clients place more trust in the business. How an image of YOU makes your small business more trusted […]