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Studies show that advertisers forked over a massive $40 billion dollars in payment for Google Adwords advertising just to spread the word about their businesses in search results. We can guarantee you similar high-quality traffic for which advertisers paid Google a fortune for but it will just be for a considerably small amount of the cost.

In case you happen to own a business or a company, you need to know that SEO (search engine optimization) services are very important for the growth and prosperity of your venture. Today, and for the last couple of years, SEO has been an integral part of internet advertising. In fact, many businesses are continuing to incorporate search engine optimization into their marketing policy. Therefore, if you aren’t doing the same, it is the reason you are unable to compete with the “big guys”.

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Although owners of small businesses may not entirely understand the advantages that online advertising brings, let alone SEO, it is important that they try their search engine optimization options so as to maximize visibility for their products and services. SEO is the great equalizer. It is the only place small business owners can match their more seasoned and well-established competitors.

Search engines help people find solutions to simple queries online. For instance, a person may want to know where a favorite restaurant is located in their neighborhood. Others want a lawyer or even a plumber. When users key in specific keywords into search engines, individuals will be presented with numerous results. The results are usually arranged according to relevance or importance to the entered keywords.

Without search engines, it would not be easy for people to locate information online. Simply put, search engine optimization enables people to find the information they need on the internet. This is by use of keywords or even the business brand. This is why it is important that you rank on the top of the search engine results page so that users can easily find your website.

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Importance of SEO in Saskatoon for Businesses

Since most web users depend on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo to get products and services, making use of search engine optimization services as an integral part of any internet marketing strategy makes a whole lot of sense. For a small business, it means that you can make buyers find your products or services a lot more cheaply than other forms of advertising. This in turn translates to growth of the venture.

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However, business owners are sometimes reluctant to trust search engine optimization companies to improve marketing. This is because of a few companies are out to con unsuspecting business owners because they can be overwhelmed by the complexity of what SEO is and how it is achieved. But if a business owner gets a solid marketing firm that can offer good references (like we can), it can benefit their businesses in a great way.

The following are some of the ways that your business would benefit if they sought the services of a top consultant for SEO like Canada West Internet Marketing Ltd.

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Why SEO Rankings Don’t Happen Overnight

It happens too often in this day and age that people want results in an instant and are always in need of immediate gratification. Search engine optimization, for all that it can boost your business and provide a solid base for your brand in the future, is not an overnight process. Those that understand this will be patient and bide their time as the SEO takes its course and begins to work in the manner that is required. It is usually better to be a steadily growing business than an overnight sensation.

SEO Takes Time

The overnight sensation SEO is a myth. Anything worth doing takes time to develop and in doing so will create something that is worth keeping around. Any SEO that creates a quick and rapidly expanding business is essentially building up an empty bubble that will collapse when it finally reaches too far. A good SEO will take several factors into account during the rise to its expected efficiency, and will be worth its weight in gold when that day comes. Here are few reasons why SEO should be measured in weeks and months and not hours and days.

1) SEO is complex.
In order to achieve an impressive rank in Google’s search engine related pages, or SERP’s, there are many steps that need to be taken. With 200 constantly changing ranking signals, SEO must jump through one hoop after another in a long series until success can finally be measured and its effectiveness become a factor.

2) Google’s algorithms are always changing, and it isn’t always common knowledge.
SEO is constantly changing, and Google doesn’t always see it as a necessity to inform the masses about their constantly changing algorithms. If anything, SEO experts are kept continuously on their toes and made to either guess or research why certain SEO’s are ranked in a different manner and what is now most pertinent. It is a giant guessing game that is almost impossible to stay on top of if one doesn’t know the system inside and out.

3) Your competitors are unpredictable because simply put, they’re human.
It’s hard to know what one person will do versus what another will do and how each will react when it comes to remaining ranked according to Google’s SERP’s. Trying to determine what will be ranked and why is not unlike a game of target practice with a target that moves in an erratic, unpredictable pattern.

4) There is an art form to SEO.
SEO is a rather complex and cerebral animal that many people couldn’t possibly understand if they tried. However, to those marketers and experts that are adept at staying on top of the many different changes and each component is ranked find this type of business to be their specialty and can work the system much as a master sculptor works a piece of clay.

Setting Realistic Goals with Your SEO

By now you have a good idea why SEO should take a certain amount of time and what kind of benefits it can grant. Now what you need to work on is setting a reasonable and realistic goal about your SEO and what it is meant to do. You won’t be getting that miracle, overnight success rating so let us keep things real and down to earth. When you set a goal, you want to be able to attain it, and this means keeping yourself grounded in the reality to which you belong, not the desire that paints a prettier picture of “what-if.” Below are a few ideas that might help to keep your goals realistic and a bit more grounded.

1) Expect to play the long game.
By going into an SEO with the idea that you will be waiting a while to see results you’re already a step ahead of the game. Try making a goal of attracting more people to your site or by making more sales per year. Do what it takes to insure that you’re in this for the long haul and you’ll be in the driver’s seat, not the hot seat.

2) Be ready to start making investments.
This isn’t solely monetary. In order to make your SEO work, you’ll want to invest your time and effort along with your money to gain the best possible outcome. There is no magic button to push that makes it all work. You will need to work with your team and put as much as you can into the SEO to make the biggest possible gains.

3) Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate your SEO strategy from time to time.
Remember that things change when it comes to SEO’s, and staying with one set strategy for a long period of time will only allow your competitors to outdistance you in the long run. At least once a year you will need to have a team meeting regarding the changing of your strategy and what methods will be more efficient.

4) Good communication is vital.
The more open your line of communication is with the SEO company you’ve selected to work with, the easier a time you’ll have in the long term.


While it’s not the type of method that can bring about instant results, it is still worth investing in SEO simply to make your business that much more available to the public. By keeping realistic goals and settling in for the long term, you will find that your business will gradually gain more and more influence as time goes on.

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